Black pepper : Wonder herb

Black pepper :  Wonder herb

Black pepper is  used both as spice and medicine. Black pepper belongs to family of piperaceae  . It is a fruits of  black pepper plant . It act as wonder herb and spice it also adds flavor  to food .

It helps in weight loss .

Black pepper  is useful  in ear ache , asthma , sinus , nasal  congestion .Black pepper reducesheart risk of heart,liver ailments.

Health benefits of black pepper                            

Weight loss :-

Food items added with pepper helps in weight reduction  . As outer layer of pepper acts on breakdown of fat cells. Breaking of fat cells into their component  parts leads to easy processed  by the body and hence applying to other healthy and nutrious process and enzymatic  reaction either than settling in body and  making  you fatty.

Digestion :-

Comsuming of pepper in a medicinal doses improves digestion by increasing secretion of hydrochloric acid in stomach hence making digestion  good . it also aids  in  diarrhea , constipation and colic . it also prevents from intestinal gas . it is also beneficial for peptic ulcers as it check gastric mucosal damage .


Bye products or free radicals of cellular metabolism which attack body’s  healthy  cells and effects functioning  of DNA  to mutate to cancerous cells  . Antioxident  properties of pepper  neutrilizes these free radicales and hence inereasing body immune .

Skin care :-

It cure skin diseases  like vitiligo . in vitiligo some areas  of skin looses  its pigmentation while piperine content of pepper helps stimulation of skin layers to produce melanocyte  pigmentation . it also aids in other skin ailments like age spots , wrinkles ,premature ageing etc .

Anti-imflammatory :-

It is good for  respirationy system. Its expectorant property aids from whooping  cough , asthma etc. Piperine component  of pepper breaks deposits of phlegm and mucus in respiratory tract and helps them elimimate form the body .

Cognitive  property:-

Piperine component stimulates  various chemical pathways of brain acts as a good brain tonic aids in momery loss , dementia and alzheimer,s disease .

 Other benefits :

Black pepper  is also beneficial in tooth decay ,tooth ache, ear-aches,  gangrene,  hernia., hoarseness of voice , insect bites and boosting immune system .

Thus according to ayurveda  black pepper  used  your daily diet schedule is a key for healthy immune system .