“I was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis from 12 years got many treatment maximum of doctors gave me pain killers and steroids which gave temporary relief , then one of my relative told me about ayushveda ayurvedic centre , where i got treatment  and panchkarma done and now i am perfectly alright . i want to thanks ayushveda team of doctors .” Jatinder singh 50 yrs CHD

“At ayushveda they have very good treatment for blemishes and pimple marks , i got results in days and now i am perfectly alright , their saffron and sandal cream is awesome . Thanks ayushveda “. Gurpreet Kaur (U.K)

” I am Naginder Kaur from jalandhar I live in UK i was in trouble because of joints pain and body ache took many medicines but did not got relief , one of my relatives asked me to meet Dr Isha Mehta at ayushveda centre where i got panchkarma done and with ayurvedic medicines i am perfectly alright . Thanks Ayushveda.”

” I am Kuldeep Kaur Jalf Form West London ( U.K) , I enjoyed all my therapies and panchkarma at ayushveda ayurvedic centre , now i feel more energetic and fresh and my extra pounds were also lost . thanks ayushveda centre .”

” Myself Gurdeep sing from california (USA), i was suffring from sciatica and cervical spondylosis since 6 years got number of physiotheripies but permanent treatment i got from Ayushveda . Treatment was of three months with herbal medicines also they gave me ayurvedic therapies , i got results in days and now i am perfectly alright.”

” I was suffring from stress , depression and sleeplessness from many months and i was taking sleeping pills daily , then someone asked me to meet ayushveda doctors where i got shirodhara and oral medicines and found releif in days , nature of doctors is very polite and diagnosis and treatment is excellent . thanks ayushveda.” Mohinder Kaur Alaska (USA)

” I was obese 105 kg doctors asked me for beriatric surgery then i got ayushveda contact online and started treatment and panchkarma every month i lost 5-6 kg weight and after 5 months i am 81 kg now i am very happy and even my joints pain had gone and thyriod tests are normal “. Mrs Powar Sydney (AUSTRALIA)

” I was suffering from migraine from 5 years and took many treatments but did not get satisfactory results . Then i heard of ayushveda ayurvedic centre , where i undergone ayurvedic treatment and shirodhara , within few days i got results and now i am perfectly alright . Thanks to ayushveda team” Vishal 30 yrs , Jalandhar

I was over weight 110 kg and was suffering from thyroid problem . I was taking allopathy medicines since 7 yrs . then i met doctors at ayushveda ayurvedic centre where with panchkarma detoxification i lost extra weight and with ayurvedic medicines gradually my thyroid problem is also normal now .Jaspreet 35 yrs , Moga

” I had blemishes on face since 3 yrs consult three leading dermatologists of chandighar but dit not got satisfactory results even after long treatments . then one of my friend asked me to meet doctors at ayushveda and within one month of ayurvedic treatment my blemishes are gone and now i have perfect skin . I want to thanks ayushveda team.” Amaan Eathen 32 yrs , Hoshiarpur

” My name is Amrit Dhaliwal i was suffring from psoriasis from last 12 years almost whole body of mine was effected with the problem , took many treatments but didnt got relief . then i met doctors at ayushveda ayurvedic centre with panchkarma and ayurvedic medicine now i am perfectly alright.” London (UK)

” I had joints pain from last 14 years doctors told that i need knee replacement surgery . One of my relative told me about ayushveda centre where i got treatment now swelling is reduced , pain had gone and stiffness is reduced and i can climb stairs and go on long walk without any pain .” Col Joginder Singh Ludhiana.

” I was suffering from hair loss since 6 months used many oils but hair loss didnt stop . Then i got contact no of ayushveda online , i met them and used herbal oils , shampoos and oral medicine my hair fall stopped in one month and i got volume and new growth healthy hairs with complete course of treatment . Thanks ayushveda .”  Neha 27 yrs . Jalandhar.

” My son was suffering from allergy and tonsils since 2 years he was taking anti allergic medicine daily but was in very difficulty . I met doctor Mehta at ayushveda got treatment done and now my son is perfect even his immunity is raised now “. Manjeet kaur 35 yrs . son Gursimran Singh 8 yrs . Amritsar

” Myself Col Ghai from jalandhar heights i was suffering from psoriasis from last many years got many treatments but all in vein then i got contact no of ayushveda centre where i got successful treatment , treatment took time but every month i felt improvement and now i am fully cured even marks of psoriasis are gone .”

” Myself Rohini Mehra from Jalandhar , panchkarma therapies at ayushveda are awesome and very good for detoxification of body . Every month once I take ayurvedic massage from Ayushveda , their staff is very expert . Thanks Ayushveda” 

” I was suffering from pimples and acne from last 3 years took many treatments from different doctors but did not got solution , one of my friend told me about Ayushveda Ayurveda centre where I met doctor and had medicine now pimples are not coming and even old marks of pimples are also gone . Thanks Ayushveda ” Prabha 32 yrs Dehraduun (UP)