It is one of the step as a part of panchkarma procedure. It is a from of Ayurvedic therapy in which medicated oil or medicated liquids are poured over forhead in a techniquely way . It is a sanskrit  word



It works by relaxing hypothalmus in the brain and enhances natural release of serotonin, dopamine and melatonin .


It  gives relaxation to head  and calms mind and gives a cooling effect to mind.

It strengthens cerebral and nervous system.

It balances vata dosha .

It helps in improving  sensitivity of five senses.

It  relieves and reduces  migrane , anxiety , fear, restlessness, stress and sleep disorders.

It improves mental health and concentration.

It is beneficial for hairs also.

It gives a refreshing effect to body.

Its duration is approx 40 min.

Herbal seasame oil , coconut oil , milk or buttermilk. And other ayurvedic oils are used for shirodhara.

Shiorodhara should always be done under proper guidance and by expert ayurvedic  therapist.

It is also beneficial in post- trauma stress disorders (PTSD), shift works disorders (SWSD),jetlag, hypertension and various brain disorders.


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