Mango is rich in vit A,flavonoids like beta carotene,alpha carotene,beta cryptoxanthin,vitamins,minerals,poly phenolic,flavanoid antioxidant compounds.Mango acts as prebiotic dietary fibre.Mango is a rich source of potassium which helps in controlling heart rate and blood pressure.Mango is also a good source of vit B6,vit C,vit E.Vit c present in it provides resistance against infectious agents.Mango peel are rich in phytonutrients.
*Mango contains malic acid,tartaric acid and traces of citric acid which maintains the alkali reserve of the body.
*Mango milk shake helps weight gain.
*Extracts of unripe mango bark,leaves,stem contains antibacteral properties.
*Mango contains insoluble fibre which helps in elimination of waste from the colon and relieves from constipation.
*Flavonoids presents in mango helps in building immunity system of body.
*Dried mango flowers are used for treatment of chronic dysentry,diarrhoea and some problems of urinary bladder.
*Decoction of mango leaves is useful in cough,asthma.It also acts as antiseptic and healing agent.
*The polyphhenoic antioxidant compounds present in mango protect against colon,breast,prostrate cancer and leukemia.

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