Natural Home Remedies for Fever Blisters

Get Rid Of Fever Blisters With Herbal Treatment And Few Home Remedies

Fever blisters are very painful sores which occur generally on lips, cheeks, chin, fingers, nostrils, or even genitals. These are caused by a virus, named as herpes simplex. Fever blisters are contagious, and are usually mistaken to be canker sores which are actually mouth ulcers and occur inside the mouth. Before going for any medication, you can also use the ingredients available on your kitchen counter to get rid of the fever blisters.


Causes of Fever Blisters


  • Kissing, hugging or close contact with a person, having fever blisters


  • Through indirect contact, like sharing a towel/handkerchief or lip balm of the infected person


  • Dental treatment


  • Virus can easily spread through cuts or bruises on the skin


  • Cosmetic surgery


  • Hormonal changes


  • Lip injury


  • Stress


Natural Home Remedies for Fever Blisters

Herbal Treatment for Fever Blisters

Following are the remedies in order to get rid of fever blisters fast and easy way at home:

Use Egg and Yoghurt :- Egg and yoghurt will help in soothing the fever blister to a great extent possible. A facial mask of egg and yoghurt can be made and applied on the blisters. You just need to mix 1 egg with one cup of yoghurt and a bit of honey into it.


Use Warm Tea Bag :- Gently press a warm tea bag on the blister for about 30 minutes. Repeat this process several times a day for the best result.


Apply Ice :- Applying ice is the simplest home remedy for treating fever blisters on lips. Gently rub ice on the blister for few minutes after every hour. Repeat this process until the blister lessens.


Use Lemon Balm Tea :- Lemon balm is one of the best treatments for fever blisters.

For its best effect make lemon balm tea and soak a cotton ball into it. Now, apply it on the blister.

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