It is commonly Known as Ayurvedic oil massage. Abhyangam  ‘Oil Application.’

USES :  It provides cure mainly from vata disorders like stroke , Arthritis , sport injuries , Lumber  spondylitis , Parkinson , and various , joint disorders .

   It gives strength to blood vessel  which helps in toning skin and cures nervous disordors.

  It also reduces hair fall.

  It also calms mind and cures disordors like insomnia stress and gives  relaxation effect to the body.

It strengthen  sensory (skin , eyes ) and motor ( hands , legs ) system .

It improves the muscle tone and gives strength to immune system of body.

It relieves fatigue and feeling of tiredness  and exhaustion.                   

It helps in maintaining  complexion , lusture and texture of skin.                         

It helps in preventing itching skin dryness and skin ageing.                       

                     ‘Oil used’’                        

Ayurvedic and medicated oils are used for  Abhyangam therapy.

Seasame oil , Olive oil , Mahanarayan oil . Ksheerbala oil and other herbal oils are used.

Abhyangam  is also beneficial in after delivery and before delivery women .

Abhyangam  is also beneficial for babies after seven days of birth onwards.

Abhyangam  therapy should always be done under proper guidance and should be done by Expert Ayurvedic therapists espically in babies and ante-natal womens.

A proper diet schedule should be maintained during Abhyangam therapy.

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