Skin- Ayurvedic Skin Care

The skin is mirror of inner health of an individual. Skin includes the sense organs and the senses of touch, temperature, pain, pressure. Skin becomes dull and blemished if not properly cared and lead to premature aging.

Common skin problems are: Acne, pimples, pigmentation, premature aging etc.

Ideal Skin characteristics:

  • Soft, thin, oily, smooth and lustrous skin
  • Black and smooth eye lashes and eye brows
  • Thin, scanty, soft, oily, black and deep-rooted hairs
  • Oily mouth, palate, tongue, lips.
  • Wound heel quickly

Ayurvedic Treatment and Remedies: – In Ayurvedic approach the first step is to identify ayurvedic skin type.

Vata Skin Type:-If ‘Vata’ is predominant then the skin of individual is dry, rough, cold, wrinkled and thin with fine pores. Vata type skin is dry, rough and may age faster.

Vata Skin care and treatment:- Skin should be nourished on a regular bases otherwise it will lead to dry, delicate and lose tone and plumpness prematurely. One must use the combination of essential oils and herbs for proper skin care. Skin must be hydrated so a good quantity of water and liquid intake is necessary. Eating regular meals helps in balancing the ‘Vata’ and nourish the skin, individual must also avoid physical and emotional stress.

Pitta Skin Type: – If Pitta is predominant the skin is, sensitive, fair, soft, warm, and less tolerant to hot food and burns easily, and of medium thickness. When ‘Pitta’ aggravates then skin rashes, acne, sunspots may occur.

Pitta Skin Care and Treatment: – Skin needs protection because it is sensitive, especially to the sun. This skin type needs cooling as well as nourishment. Steaming treatments should be avoided in this skin type. Individual must intake a good quantity of water and liquids. Avoid oily and spicy food and must use suns cream lotions on exposure to sun.

Kapha Skin Type:- This type of skin is mostly oily, cold, heavy, soft, slow, dense, dull, lubricating and thick large pore.

Kapha Skin Type care and treatment:- Because of its oily nature it attracts impurities and is mostly full of toxin build up skin tends to break out so it should be cleansed from inside as well as outside.

Detoxification should be internal and external. For internal detoxification ‘Vamana’ is prescribed, which should be done in guidance of specialist Ayurvedic and Panchkarma Doctors.

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