Cervical Spondylosis

A specific form of arthritis which attacks vertebral and connecting bony and ligament structure is called spondylosis. It occurs frequently in cervical vertebrae. People above the age of 50 have some osteo arthritic changes, sometimes cause acute symptoms pressure while sleeping, injury, incorrect posture of body and excessive intake of sour food are main cause of disease.

According to ayurveda this condition is called ‘ Griva Sandhi Gata Vata’. Main symptoms are pain in back of neck and in some cases headache and sleeplessness.

Treatment: Gentle massage over the neck and shoulder joint. This massage can be given two times a day. ‘Guggulu’ is the best herbal medicine in this case. We use ‘ Simhanada Guggulu’ in our patients and in combination with herbal therapies patients recovers much faster. Motion of patient should be clear, patient must avoid constipation. For therapies ‘Mahanarayan oil’, ‘Pinda oil’, Prasarini oil. These oils are used for therapy and ‘ Griva Vasti’ sour things particularly curd, are strictly prohibited. Fried thing must be avoided; certain pulses are also avoided to lower the aggravated ‘ Vata Dosha’. Bitter variety of drumstick, neem flowers, and bitter guard is very useful. Patient must avoid rice, maida (flour) and suji(semolina ), these may increase chances of constipation and don’t help the patient in recovery.

Ayurvedic Natural Home Remedies for Back Pain

Back Pain: Pain in he lower, upper or middle back is called nack pain.

Symptoms: Sharp shooting or dull

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