Weight Loss Diet Chart For Winters

As soon as you wakeup : Have two glasses of warm water .

BREAKFAST -: One cup tea without sugar / green tea/ herbal tea with

-: Poha/ 1 moong dal chila

-:Two slices whole wheat bread with green chutney , cucumber , tomato/ two egg white

-; One cup oats or muesli with skimmed milk without sugar

MID MORNING-:One cup of green tea and few nuts almonds /walnuts soaked or one fruit

-: One cup of juice of tomato , carrot. bottle gourd

LUNCH                  -: One millet roti or one cup brown rice

-: Vegetables cooked in less oil

-: Sprouts or pulses or dals

-: Salad

EVENING                -: One cup green tea or herbal or regular tea and Low fat milk with no sugar

-: Diet snacks liked roasted chana or roasted  kurmura or non oily khakhra

-: 6: pm  one fruit {apple , orange, melon , papaya , pomegranate }

DINER                     7:30  to 8:OO pm

-: One bowl of veg soup and salad

-; Sauteed or steamed  vegitables

-;  One millet roti / one bowl moong + brown rice khichdi with vegetables

Eat fresh and healthy , eat more whole grain cereles . Use low fat milk or skimed milk for yoghurt , tea , oats . Avoid  stale foods , oily snacks , high calorie deit . Avoid excess in take of soft drink chilled beverages , tea , coffee

Avoid alcohol and smoking , avoid use of excess salt and sweet

Exercise regularly, Eat variety of foods like nuts sprouts  , whole grain food ,vegetables  , fruits . Do yoga , pranayam , kapalbhati  anulom vilom etc. For more consult ayushveda centre.





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