Skin Type According To Ayurveda .

 Skin  Type  According To  Ayurveda .

In Ayurveda we different skin type according to person parkriti  (vata,pitta,kapha,)

  Ideal  Skin .   

A healthy skin should always be  glowy and attractive even when devoid of make-up.

   Ideal skin features. 

Person with healthy skin have lustrous ,soft ,oily ,thin ,smooth skin

Any wound on skin heals quickly.

Mouths ,lips ,palate and tongue are oily.

Hairs are thin , soft , scanty , black and deep rooted.

The skin is free from any skin disease .

   Vata Skin. 

Vata skin is dry , rough ,easily get dehydrated ,cool to touch  , delicate , thin and gets more  dry in dry windy weather , age faster .

     Pitta Skin. 

Pitta skin is Medium  , thick , sensitive , soft , warm to touch  , fair , less tolerant to heat  . Pitta skin often  gets moles , freckles ,  acne sun spot  , rashes quickly .

       Kapha Skin .    

Kapha skin is pale , thick  , oily , dull complexion , blackheads  , enlarged pores, age slower ,and is more prone to water retention and sunlight .

In  ayurveda with herbs, panchkarma and ayurvedic medicine we  treat any skin disease like psoriasis , aczema , pimples , blamashes etc.

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