Mucuna Pruriens or Kaunch is one of the most popular medicinal plant of sex treatment in India….know about its benefits for health…

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Mucuna is an annual twinning plant which is widespread all over most of the subcontinent and is found in bushes and low forests throughout the plains, hedges and dry-deciduous forests of India. All parts of Mucuna possess valuable and most important medicinal properties and therefore heaving a great demand of Mucuna in Indian markets. Mucuna pruriens have been long used to increase the sexual libido in both men and women. The beans of Mucuna pruriens is being also used on sportspersons to increase their muscle mass. These seeds also help in improving the memory power and help to gain weight which is lost due to excessive exercise.


Medicine acts as a great remedie for sexual problem

The beans of Mucuna pruriens are known to release L-dopa which combines with dopamine to restrict the release of prolactin hormone by the pituitary glands. As Prolactin is a hormone released by the pituitary gland which is considered to be the cause for erection failure in men. This medicine acts as a great remedie for such sexual problem. Oral intake of Mucuna pruriens seed helps in promoting fertility and improves erection.


Mucuna for more health problems

Some people also use Mucuna pruriens seeds for treating intestinal gas, diarrhea, cough, rheumatic disorder, muscular pain, diabetes, menstrual pain and tuberculosis.

Main benefits of Mucuna

  • It acts as a weight loss aid
  • It is used to stimulate growth of hormone – anabolic/androgenic
  • It help reduces spasms and relieves pain – analgesic/ antispasmodic
  • Help lowers blood sugar and blood pressure (hypo tensive)
  • It increases urination (uterine stimulant), help reduces fever (febrifuge) and it is a good cough suppressant
  • It calms nerves (nervine), reduces nerve pain (neurasthenic)
  • Aphrodisiac – increases libido and it is very good for impotency and erectile dysfunction
  • It help lowers cholesterol (hypo cholesterolemic)
  • It reduces inflammation – anti-inflammatory

Other Important Properties of  Mucuna

  • It help prevents or eliminates kidney stones (antilithic)
  • It expels gas (carminative)
  • It help kills parasites (antiparasitic) and expels worms (vermifuge)
  • It is a central nervous system stimulant
  • It is a menstrual stimulant

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