Menstrual problems

Menstrual problems may refer to the many different types of menstruation disorders,  such as delay or absence of bleeding,  painful cramping and profuse bleeding.

Normally menstrual period last from 2 to 7 days and normal and normal cycle patterns can range from 21 to 35 days. Abnormal and irregular  cycle is if periods are longer and heavier than normal,  occurs between periods,  time between  periods are longer than normal, or there is an absence  of periods. There are may causes of irregular periods but main cause is hormonal imbalance. Periods may be irregular at both ends of menstrual life of a lady. Reasons abnormal periods can be normal and abnormal. Hormone imbalance is other cause this can occur as a result of weight loss or gain heavy exercise,  stress,  illness, or certain medications.



At onset of periods some young girls experience irregularities in periods for few months to years because it is establishing itself.

Stress is also cause in some ladies

Did try problems  like anorexia,  poor diet,  bulimia

Heavy exercises

Drugs prescribed or recreational

Break in routine

Sexual activity especially when it is new occurrence

Anxiety of pregnancy

Illness or or thyroid problems

There causes are intake of sour, salty,  hot,  punjent,  heavy,  fermented food. Meat of fatty and domestic animals,  alcoholic beverages,  indigestion and eating before previous food is digested. Repeated abortions,  excessive Sexual activity,  increased physical exertion (weight lifting, riding,  walking)  trauma,  emaciation , sleeping day time. Physiological conditions like anger,  grief,  lust,  anxiety can also play a role in aggravating Menstrual problems.




Body aches

Burning in the lower portion of groin


Poor diet and inefficient digestion are main factors for these disorders. Toxins are produced in body due to improperly digested food. These toxins circulate by blood to deep tissues and channels where they causes blockage and stagnation. This causes aggravation of vata dhatu(air)dosha and rakt(blood) dhatu. Aggravated vata bring impaired blood in the channels carrying the Raj (menstrual blood) which end in increased menstrual blood flow.

In Ayurveda we have different types of treatments to treat menstrual.problems.  These include nourishing and toning herbs and rejuvenative treatment according to nature of disease.



Diet is very important,  fast food in diet do not provide neutrients which are required in body.

During menstruation raise foot of the bed in order to keep legs and foot slightly elevated while sleeping

Avoid coffee,  tea icy cold drinks.
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