It is an ayurvedic procedure.  Akshitarpana is a santskrit word ” Akshi”  means eyes and “Tarpana” means nourishment.  It is a procedure for eye nourishment a d rejuvenation for eyes and also use full for disorders.
It relieves from eye strain or stress due to long hour glaring at tv,  computer,  long distance drive,  irregular job schedule.
Balances “Vata” and “Pitta” dosha .
Improves vision.
Removes dark circles of eyes.
Releives eye pain , irritation and burning of eyes.
Roughness,  dryness of eyes.
Dry Eye syndrome  night blindness,  early stage of retinopathy.
Watering and cloudiness of eyes.
Chronic conjunctivitis.
It gives strength to nerves and muscles of eyes.
It should always be done under guidance of panchkarma specialist doctor.
Duration of procedure is 25 minutes.
It is one of the best natural eye rejuvenation procedure which can be helpful for our busy and fast lifestyles.

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